Introduction to LexaTrade: Company Background and Security

LexaTrade is a forex broker that offers services in currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stock, and indices trading. It is a brand name of Swissone Group Ltd. registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its multi-asset trading services has garnered the trust of its clients and has earned it a spot in the top forex brokers in the industry.

LexaTrade is licensed and regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center or IFMRRC, a non-commercial organization that regulates the activity of brokerage firms in multiple jurisdictions. This regulatory body is one of the most trusted in the world, meaning that earning a regulatory status from this organization guarantees the safety and reliability of a broker. 

One of the security measures that LexaTrade has imposed for the safety of its clients is strict payment procedures. This broker only accepts one method in deposit and withdrawal processes to prevent theft. It only partners with trusted global banks in handling the funds of their clients in segregated accounts. They also implement Negative Balance Protection, which prevents each client’s funds from reaching zero.

The Welcome Benefits of Trading with LexaTrade

LexaTrade ensures that their clients have the best trading experience. This is why this broker offers various benefits and bonuses throughout the year. But most importantly, these benefits are immediately laid out for new clients. 

For starters, LexaTrade has a “Refer a Friend” program, which allows an existing client to benefit from sharing the services of LexaTrade to friends and fellow traders. This program entails any existing client to receive 50% of the deposited amount of any new trader that they’ve successfully encouraged to sign up with LexaTrade. The amount that he or she will receive is entirely up to how much the new client has deposited. This bonus is guaranteed and will be processed speedily by LexaTrade. 

Another opportunity offered by LexaTrade to their clients is Market Devaluation. This is a chance for clients to purchase particular assets at a lower price. LexaTrade sets a specific time period for this bonus and it is available only within that period. In LexaTrade’s most recent Market Devaluation, they’ve priced their Bitcoin for only $5,000 from the original price of $11,000. That’s exactly 50% off of its price. That means that within the period of Market Devaluation, any existing client can buy 1 BTC for only $5,500. They can also choose to purchase 0.5 BTC for $2,750 and 0.25 BTC for $1,375. 

Lastly, LexaTrade highlights the markets’ Reporting Season, which is the most profitable period of the year in trading. Clients are encouraged to participate in this event and LexaTrade provides a list of the best stocks to invest in. Along with the list of tradable stocks, LexaTrade also posts the stocks’ previous revenue, forecasted price, and the timeframe on when to best trade it. This way, all traders can prepare their positions ahead of time.

Reviewing LexaTrade Services: Platforms and Accounts

The strongest suit of LexaTrade is its quality services. This has been noted multiple times by its clients. This broker has even developed its own platform that will carry the brand and the quality of services expected of LexaTrade. In this part of the review, we will get to know LexaTrade’s most important services and how they shape a world-class broker.

Account Types

The trading accounts offered by LexaTrade are categorized to different types of traders. They were set specifically for catering to beginners, intermediate, professional, advanced, and expert traders. This broker provides up to five account types that vary in features but are all promoting convenient and secure trading.

  • Start Account: This is the account type for beginning traders that are still learning their way through trading. It requires a decent deposit amount but has competitive features that will allow them to explore the markets. The best quality of this account type is that it provides room for mistakes. Below are the specifics for this account:
    • $250 deposit amount
    • 30% welcome bonus
    • Standard market spreads
    • Standard withdrawal priority
    • Free webinars
    • MT4 web
    • Forex & Cryptocurrencies
  • Silver Account: This is a slightly pricier account compared to the first one. It is designed for intermediate traders who are new to trading but hold sufficient knowledge about the financial markets. Risks are apparent in trading and this kind of trader must already be aware of it. 
    • $3,000 required deposit
    • 50% welcome bonus
    • Standard spreads
    • Personal financial analyst
    • One time 30-minute account analysis with analyst
    • 1 trading technique
    • Standard priority in withdrawals
    • Free webinars
    • Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities
  • Gold Account: This mid-tier account type is LexaTrade’s most recommended. It comes with unique perks that will be very useful to professional traders. It is definitely more expensive than the Silver Account, but quality always comes with a price.
    • $10,000 minimum deposit
    • 70% welcome bonus
    • Reduced spreads
    • Medium priority for withdrawal
    • Introductory lessons to forex
    • Standard yield on investment portfolios
    • Webinars on major economic events
    • 2 trading techniques
    • One-time session with a VIP analyst
    • Special offers from a broker
    • Passive earning
    • Focus groups participation
    • Earnings season trading (limited)
    • MT4 web
    • FX, crypto, commodities, and limited access to stock markets
  • Platinum Account: This account takes the advantages and perks of the previous accounts to a higher level. It was curated specifically for advanced traders who invest both in the short and long-term. 
    • $50,000 deposit amount
    • 90% welcome bonus
    • High priority for withdrawals
    • Low spreads
    • 2-hour account analysis with VIP analyst per week
    • Standard passive income
    • Advanced techniques
    • Average yield on investment portfolios
    • Half of forex training courses
    • Focus groups invitations
    • MT4 web & desktop
    • Paid webinars
    • Communication with VIP analyst every week
    • Special offers from a broker
    • Customized portfolio for earnings season
    • FX, crypto, commodities, and stock trading 
  • VIP Account: The VIP Account is of course, for expert traders with years of experience in the financial markets. This offers all the best services provided by LexaTrade that will definitely aid the trader in his career. Below are the specifics for this account:
    • $100,000 required deposit amount
    • 120% welcome bonus
    • Highest priority for withdrawals
    • Lowest spreads
    • VIP analyst for earnings season
    • Customized schedule of account analysis
    • Unlimited VIP techniques
    • Full forex courses w/ diploma
    • VIP trading instruments
    • Private webinars
    • Individual work with VIP analyst
    • Special offers from broker
    • Higher yields on investment portfolios
    • Privileged passive income
    • Priority invitation to focus groups
    • Investor conferences
    • MT4 web & desktop
    • Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks

Trading Platforms

LexaTrade offers three platforms to choose from: the classic MT4, the XCritical mobile platform, and the LexaTrade trading platform. The first two are known to many traders worldwide, while the third one is LexaTrade’s own developed platform for the use of its clients. The latter was designed through incorporating features and qualities that LexaTrade embodies, such as security and convenience. 

  • MetaTrader4 web platform

This platform is considered as the gold-standard for every other trading platform in the industry. It was developed by MetaQuotes and launched to the public in 2005. Since then, it has skyrocketed into a hall of fame. The MT4 is a classic choice in trading currencies and CFDs because of its user-friendly interface, speed of execution, and high-grade terminal work. LexaTrade’s offering of the MT4 comes in a web version that is compatible with any browser. This platform includes a customization feature that comes with listing charts and shifting time ranges. 

  • XCritical mobile platform

XCritical is lesser known to traders then the MT4, but this does not make it inferior in providing quality services. Also, a mobile platform is far more accessible and convenient than any other platform, which means that traders can trade anytime and anywhere without the hassle. Aside from trading, clients can open positions, manage their account, and execute trades without delay. They can also set stop loss and take profit, track the movement of quotes, check forecasts for different instruments, and view their account balance. 

  • LexaTrade web platform

LexaTrade developed its own proprietary trading platform that displays a high-level of functionality, speed, and profitability. It has an intuitive interface and highly-functioning terminals that make trading comfortable with minimal risks. This platform contains more than 170 trading assets and tools that provide quality trading experience. It also has timely risk management.

LexaTrade Trading Conditions: Instruments and Tools

Knowing which markets and assets you can trade is an integral part of choosing a broker. Some brokerage firms offer more assets than others, and that’s what makes them the preferred choice by traders. On the other hand, trading tools and research materials are all important helpers in assessing positions and executing trades. The information that these tools give are enough to forecast the probable results of each trade.

Trading Instruments

LexaTrade supports four financial  markets that are fully available to all of their clients. This broker provides a brief overview of each market and a short list of the assets that the client can trade. LexaTrade wants to ensure that their clients are knowledgeable about any trade before they begin.

  • Currencies

The foreign exchange market is one of the most volatile markets in the industry with price movements that happen every second. This is why it is important to know which LexaTrade features will aid traders in this particular market. Trading forex with this broker entails a leverage between 1:100 to 1:400, low spreads,swap-free accounts, and no commissions. There is a multilingual client service team available 24/5 for every trader that needs support. The trading hours for foreign exchange is SUN 22:00 to FRI 22:00 GMT. 

  • Shares/Indices

Online trading is increasing in popularity, which means that even global stocks like GOOGLE and AMAZON can be traded at the comfort of your home. This also means that now would be a perfect time to start investing in it. When trading shares and indices, LexaTrade provides ultra tight spreads and risk diversification. This broker also reminds traders that trading a stock index presents less risks than trading individual stocks.

  • Commodities

This particular market is a great opportunity for diversifying portfolios. It is also seen as long-term investments because of its steady and highly-profitable trading. If the forex market is volatile, the commodities markets go through even higher levels of volatility, which means that trades must be carefully decided upon. LexaTrade’s live support team is also available to help any client with it. Trading with LexaTrade lets you invest in globally-traded assets like U.S. oil, Brent, and spot gold. 

Trading Tools

Trading tools and materials are as integral to trading as the platform that you use. Tools and indicators on your platform go hand in hand in finding you the best trade. LexaTrade provides five basic trading tools that will help each trader every step of the way.

  • Market News: Daily news is a more thorough reporting of global events that are related to the financial markets. It links market movements to economic and political events so traders have a clearer perspective on how to handle their trades. This also provides forecasts by analysts which are important to investors. 
  • Economic Calendar: This tool contains all important global events that have a direct impact on the financial markets. This includes financial news like IPOs and the movement of the USD, political news like U.S. elections and trade wars, and economic events like the U.S. Fed rates and fiscal policies. Information about global events plays an important role in evaluating the position of your trade in any financial market. 

Education Center: This is a culmination of educational materials that help traders learn or review their knowledge about the markets. There are three divisions: trading courses, a questionnaire, and webinars. The first two are written texts and lessons about trading, especially forex, while the latter are video seminars that beginning traders can attend.

False Claims About LexaTrade: Analyzing Negative Reviews

Every broker has received negative feedback from customers, critics, and even the general trading industry. This is a common thing in industries where services are the main product of companies. Even the most reliable companies that have graced the top brokers’ list in years have received negative feedback. 

While there is legitimate feedback from clients detailing the issues and problems they have encountered with a broker, there are also false claims created by competitors to smear the reputation of another broker. Reviews like these are nothing short of slander that only benefit the competitor. Even legitimate clients cannot benefit from false claims as it gives them a distorted view of a broker’s reputation. 

As an example, a reviewer named Edward Urbanek has graced different review sites on LexaTrade, spreading slanderous claims about this broker. Here are two of his reviews: 

“Do not be fooled by the Ukrainian mafia.”

“LexaTrade attention are whores and thieves don’t be fooled.” 

The first one is found on TrustPilot’s page and the other one is written on LexaTrade’s Facebook page. Both statements did not detail Urbanek’s issues with the broker, and only proceeded to create false statements about it. These statements have no legitimate grounds and are clearly libelous. It does not provide any idea of the problems that Urbanek has encountered with LexaTrade, hinting at the probability that these are not reviews from a legitimate client. False statements like these are easy to create but have a dangerous impact on the broker’s reputation. This is why reviews like these are most often created by competitors.

Real Client Reviews on LexaTrade Forex Broker

Looking at reviews about LexaTrade on various websites shows that this broker is actually trusted and respected by its clients. Many have praised this broker for its speed of providing services and giving more than what is expected of it. Below are only some of the reviews written by legitimate LexaTrade clients on the website of TrustPilot.

“I have been working with a broker for six months. I like that it offers a large selection of forex trading tools. On the plus side, as soon as something new comes out on the market, they immediately add it to their platform. I am always one of the first to use new technologies.”

– Anastasia Korina, Ukraine

“Their training is of very high quality! I have only been trading here for two weeks, but have already made $ =100.00 and am happy with everything so far. Managers are always in touch and I believe support is available around the clock. I have read their consent, there are conditions for violation of which they can block the account or refuse to withdraw, therefore everything was negative, I think. Personally, there were no violations on my part, I trade with the support of the manager and I am satisfied with everything. Even though I only earned $ 100, I was able to withdraw it to my Visa card within 3 days. I like this broker and can recommend it.”

– Wiktor Nowak, Lithuania

“Very important point: this broker opens deals really according to the quotes indicated! I have worked with more than one company and often the transactions do not match the real indicators. This is not the case with this broker.”

– Adam Eruzelsky, Poland

“Everything is fine, the trading is going smoothly. From the technical side, everything is stable. The conditions on my account are acceptable. Even though the spreads are floating there are no big losses from the broker’s fees. The trading conditions are quite usual. The withdrawals are subject to mandatory confirmation every time. All in all, everything is okay.”

– Alejandro Mendoza, British Virgin Islands

“I’m happy. Unlike other companies, I have worked with, this one really provides high quality service with no pitfalls. Yet they have good SMS signals which was important to me. The verification procedure is not easy, but anything can be done. You take a photo of your documents (two documents), the company checks them and that’s it. You can trade and withdraw money from your account.”

– Mark Nemirovskiy, Poland

“I am very cautious about this type of advertising on the internet, but the LEXATRADE platform was advertised by Robert Lewandowski and I thought that this is a guy you can trust. I tried it and I have been trading for 2 weeks. Considering that the platform works only on business days (recently there were a lot of days off), after paying $ 250 my capital increased by about 130%. By the way, I would like to thank my advisor-guardian, Mrs. Alicja K., who helps me a lot in making the right decisions. I highly appreciate her knowledge about trading and courtesy in business contacts. To sum up – I recommend trading on the LEXATRADE platform.”

– Janusz Biniek, Poland

These client reviews show that LexaTrade is a trusted forex broker worldwide. These testimonials show how much these clients’ trading careers have improved when they began trading with LexaTrade. This broker has been praised for its security measures, customer support, profitability, and ensuring that their clients have the best services they can possibly receive.

The Bottomline on LexaTrade

LexaTrade has proven that it belongs on the list of top forex brokers in the industry. It guarantees that it lives up to expectations. It displays high functionality, great customer service, convenience, availability, and dedication to its clients. It improves its services based on what its clients ask for, and this has earned the trust of traders everywhere. Real reviews on LexaTrade can attest that this broker is worth trading with.